Welcome to Munchkin Town!  My name is Marisol I am the founder of Munchkin Town a place where parents bring their little ones to learn and play.  I was born here in Clearwater Florida.

Owning my own business was always a dream of mine since my parents also had a business for 25 years, though it was not the same  type of business we both loved interacting with all ages and all people. Munchkin Town came about a few conversation with my amazing supportive husband Paul and 2 daughters Jasmine & Milan, while we lived in North Carolina due  to my husband being in the military. We had our younger daughter, Jasmine which at the time was only 8 months old  we could never find a fun, clean indoor play space for her to enjoy without the heat or bigger kids running around knocking her over. We decided that we would open a safe indoor play space for children when we moved back home (Clearwater).


If I have learned anything from being a mother, daughter, sister and friend it is that children, especially young children, learn from EVERYTHING they do.   They are naturally curious; they want to discover and explore.  And young children learn best through play.  


By creating Munchkin Town, we are providing an environment where a child can explore freely, feel satisfaction from self-selection, and interact with other children.  An environment with toys and activities that will spark their imagination and nurture their overall development.  I am providing parents with a CLEAN, SAFE environment, that is easy to get to and doesn't require an all day commitment.  


So be sure to stop by and play for a bit.  And don't worry, we'll clean up the mess!

14100 US-19 suite #130, Clearwater, FL 33764, United States